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  • Can All Rings Be Sized?

    May 3, 2013 | gpldev
  • For whatever reason, at some point, we will all need to have a ring sized, be it gold, platinum or silver.  Whether it’s due to weight gain, arthritis, an injury, inheriting or receiving a ring that just doesn’t fit, etc.

    When this happens to you there are a few things to consider.

     Type of Metal Depends On Where To Go.

    It is gold or platinum, a good jeweler can usually help.  If it’s silver, a silversmith is needed since different tools are used.  Either way, use a professional to do the job.

    Can All Rings Be Sized?

    The answer to that is usually yes, however, the question should really be, can all rings be sized safely?  The answer to this question is no, for a lot of reasons.

     A Few Reasons Some Rings Can Not Or Should Not Be Sized…..

    One reason would be if there are stones set in the ring and depending on how the stones are set.  If you need to size the ring up a great deal, you may separate the ring at the sizing area to where the metal pushes the stones set at the top into each other. This could cause chipping or abrasion to the stones as well as loosen the settings resulting in the possibility of losing some of the stones.

    Another reason would be sizing a ring down, which would mean taking a piece of gold out of ring and pulling it together.  Depending on how the stones in the ring are set, when the ring is pulled back together, settings holding the stones could be pulled apart and possibly compromised.  Again, possibly resulting in the loss of some stones.

    You also have to consider wire galleries collapsing, invisibly set diamonds falling out, shanks that are too thin, etc.  All of these are things to consider when needing your ring sized.

     Is There Nothing You Can Do In These Cases?

    There are other alternatives that can be done when sizing a ring is not the best option.  Sizing beads can be place in the bottom of the ring shank to take up space and make the ring fit better.  A ring guard is also another option. Re-shanking all or half of the ring is another.

    Ask your jeweler what the best option is for you.  Jewelry was made to be worn, so to ensure the safety of your jewelry, make sure you have a reputable jeweler do the work.