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  • When Do Pearl Strands Need Restringing

    May 3, 2013 | gpldev
  • How to know when your strand of pearls need restringing?

    In looking at your strand of pearl there are several things to consider.  Are there individual knots in between each pearl?  If not, are the pearls really close together or do they move back and forth with a lost of space between.

    If there are knots between, are the pearls and knots touching on both sides or is there play between the knot and pearl? If so, you probably need them restrung.  The pearls wear back and forth across the cord and will fray the string which can make it weak.

    If there are no knots between the pearls and no extra space for the pearls to me means the stringing is tight and usually not in need of restringing.  The bad thing about this is that if or when the cord breaks, all the pearls will go flying off the string.  Retrieving all of them is not always possible.  It is always better to have a knot after each pearl.

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