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  • Why You Should Let Your Jeweler Clean Your Gold and/or Platinum Jewelry?

    May 3, 2013 | gpldev
  • If you wear your jewelry, be it every day or just occasionally, there will be wear and tear stress!

    If it’s a ring, in the course of a day, many people don’t realize how many times we grip things, bump into things or hit our hands and don’t even realize it.  We wash our hands, work in the garden, wear lotions or hairspray, paint or get dozens of items on them.  You can remove most of these most of the time and should.  But a lot of the time, just everyday wear can wear down prongs and shanks (back of the ring) and thin out the metal.  When this occurs, several things could happen; a prong could break or get moved, you could put a scratch or dent in the gold or platinum, or you could lose a stone.

    On pendants, we check to see that the areas where the pendant slide on the chain do not wear down to the point the chain saws through and you lose the pendant.  On bracelets, remember, there is always wear and tear on all moving pieces.

     How Often Should You Have Your Jewelry Professionally Cleaned?

    Some of these things you notice immediately and then some you don’t find out about until it ‘s too late.  That is why we recommend you have a professional jeweler inspect your items a minimum of every six months.

    We at Barnes Fine Jewelers will clean and check all your gold and platinum jewelry FREE, whether you bought it here or elsewhere. Not only do we check all the settings to make sure your stones are tight and protected, and the metal does not get too worn, we also buff out all the scratches to make your items look like new.

    So no matter how often you wear your jewelry, get it professionally checked.  It will save you in the long run.