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  • Stone Hardness Makes A Difference in Setting

    May 18, 2013 | gpldev
  • At Barnes Fine Jewelers, we pride ourselves on the fact that we design and produce almost all our inventory.  We specialize in creating custom designs whether it is re-styling an existing customer’s piece of jewelry or starting from scratch.

    There are times that clients would like to create a piece of jewelry based on one of our designs or a picture of something they have seen using gems they already own or by choosing something they like.  It is an important decision when choosing a design to consider the hardness and durability of a gem in deciding how it can be set.  Especially when designing a ring or bracelet, which sees more wear and tear than a pendant or earrings.

    There are really only a few types of gems (i.e. diamond, sapphire and ruby) that can be set in an integral fashion such as a bezel, channel or flush setting since the setting process requires a greater force such as hammering or tapping the precious metal used to secure it.  Great care and experience is used for these styles of setting.

    The vast majority of gems outside of the diamond, sapphire, and ruby categories are secured with less risk of damage in prong settings.  We design and create our jewelry to stand the test of time while being worn and enjoyed.

    The style and manner of setting should be guided by the type of gems being used.

    For more information on hardness and durability of gemstones go to the following links: