Adorn her in diamonds, gold or color. A bracelet is a beautiful way to circle her in love. Bracelets are a wonderful gift for a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter and men too.

Diamond “Tennis” Bracelets

These bracelets can have one diamond or diamonds set continuously around it. In white gold or yellow gold, prong set, bezel set or pave, they are all unique and beautiful.

Color Gemstone Bracelets

We can use stones that are all the same color, a Rainbow of colors or mix and match color and diamonds. However, you always need to consider the hardness of the stones to make sure they last without breakage. The hardness scale is very important when purchasing a bracelet, due to the abuse it may take in every day wear.

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets have been around for many years. Most are several circular links combined to give strength as well as room to hang you charms. White gold or yellow gold or sterling silver, charms range from numbers for Anniversaries to silhouettes for girls or boys, ballerinas to basketballs, Eiffel Towers to palm trees, anything that reminds her of a special time, place or activity.

Baby Bracelets

There’s nothing more special than her first piece of jewelry. Pearls or gold, bangle or link, we carry some and can order any size you need.


We carry a wide variety of 14k yellow, white and two-tone bracelets

Looking To Consolidate Multiple Items Into A New Treasure Piece?

We specialize in making pieces that are remembered for a lifetime.