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Custom Jewelry Design

Not only do we design custom made jewelry, we also help you design your own unique one-of-a-kind item. We have six (6) designers to help make the perfect piece for you. We can use your older, outdated stones and give you trade in credit for the metal, or we can start from scratch.

The Start of the Jewelry Design Process

To begin designing your piece, the first thing you need is an idea. Look around at other people’s jewelry or flip through a catalog. If you still can’t come up with one, come in and we will show you different styles to get a feel for what catches your eye. Once we get a feel for what you may want, we do a couple of actual sized drawings for your approval.

Creating Wax Models

Once we have an approved style, our skilled staff then recreates the drawing on the computer taking in all the measurements and stones being used. Once this is complete, a wax model is milled out for your approval. The wax model looks exactly like the metal part of your jewelry

except it is in green wax. You get to see the exact width and stone placement of the finished piece. This is the time to make changes if needed.


Once the wax is approved, it is then placed in a plaster investment and left to harden. This takes several hours. It is then put into an oven at a temperature that ranges from room temperature up to 1,300 degrees and is “baked” for approximately eight (8) hours. This baking evaporates the wax model in the investment and leaves an exact void in the cylinder. Then the casting grain (small pellets of gold) is melted at a temperature of 1900 degrees and then poured into the cylinder into the void while suspended in a vacuum chamber to create a n exact replicate of the wax.

Finishing The Custom Jewelry

At this point, the metal piece is dull and rough. It is put through several different phases of tumbling, sanding, and polishing to get it ready to have the stones set. Once the stones are set, it goes through more polishing to create a beautiful piece of Wearable Art.

Looking To Consolidate Multiple Items Into A New Treasure Piece?

We specialize in making pieces that are remembered for a lifetime.