Studs, hoops, dangle, jackets, leverback……all of these are types of earrings. Any style you choose, they enhance the face of the wearer. Your earrings can match a favorite pendant or be the only thing your wear. They can be prong set, bezel set or bead set. Whichever type of earring you prefer, we can help.


Studs are a single stone earring with a post that goes through the ear and is held on with either a friction back (push on) or a threaded back (screw on). They can be a diamond, a color gemstone like sapphire, aquamarine, ruby, topaz, or a pearl. They can be gold or silver or platinum. Studs are a stunning way to show off beautiful diamonds for everyday wear.


Whether a single hoop or multiple hoops, this casual style can dress up any outfit. Simple gold or silver, surrounded in diamonds or twisted wire, these earrings come in many different widths, designs, stones and sizes.

Diamond hoops can either have diamonds just on the front outside of the earring or an inside/out effect where diamonds are on the outside front and the inside back of the hoop where you only see a hoop of diamonds.


Dangle earrings are any earrings that drop off the earlobe and hangs freely. It creates a moving sparkle that catches the light however you move.


Leverbacks are a type of earring where a wire hoop fits through the ear lobe, locks in back and allows something to hang from below the ear lobe. Many women like this style if they wear their hair long around their face and want the earrings more visible.


No, these are not for when your ears get cold……earring jackets are a way to dress up any stud earring without making the change permanent. Many women like to wear their diamond studs but every once in a while, want to surround them with diamonds or add a little color to match an outfit or add a dangling jacket for more movement. An earring jacket can do that.

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