jewelry repair

Regular check ups and cleaning by a professional jeweler is always important to keep up on the wear of your jewelry. They will check all the stones to make sure they are tight and stay ahead of any wear and tear before a loss occurs. With over 60 years combined experience, your items are in good hands. Whether rings, pendants, bracelets or chains, we can help.

We do all jewelry repairs in house with approximately one (1) week turn around time. If the job is done sooner, we give you a call.


Depending on the way some stones are set, the thickness of the metal in the ring or the wear and tear on the ring, most can be resized to fit. However, when they can’t, there are other options available; i.e. sizing beads, re-shanking or a ring guard. Adjusto-shanks are available for those with large knuckles can also be used.

Broken prongs are a common problem due to the softness of gold and active lifestyles. Our experienced jewelers will evaluate your item and suggest the best jewelry repair options for you.

Scratched or dented? We can re-polish and buff out most blemishes and make your ring look brand new.


Most people think that pendants will never break. That’s just not true, a pendant slides back and forth on a chain and the action creates a sawing effect on the part of the pendant that the chain slides through. Eventually, this sawing effect will wear away the gold or platinum away and the pendant will fall off. Regular inspections will prevent this.


Bracelets have a lot of moving parts that rub together making the links thin over time. If this happens, most times the pins can be re-made.

Another part of bracelet repair involves the clasp. This moving part can cause you to lose the bracelet if it becomes loose and doesn’t have a firm lock. Many times all you need is a small adjustment, however when it breaks, it means a brand new clasp.


The major cause for earring repair is a lost back. There are several different size posts as well as different styles (friction or screw back). We have replacements for any post.

Some gold or platinum earrings have thin wires that go through the ear that will bend or break. Most cases this is a minor problem.

Pearl Stringing

How to know when your strand of pearls need restringing? In looking at your strand of pearl there are several things to consider. Are there individual knots in between each pearl? If not, are the pearls really close together or do they move back and forth with a lost of space between.

If there are knots between, are the pearls and knots touching on both sides or is there play between the knot and pearl? If so, you probably need them restrung. The pearls wear back and forth across the cord and will fray the string which can make it weak.

If there are no knots between the pearls and no extra space for the pearls to me means the stringing is tight and usually not in need of restringing. The bad thing about this is that if or when the cord breaks, all the pearls will go flying off the string. Retrieving all of them is not always possible. It is always better to have a knot after each pearl.

We have two qualified pearl stringers on site and your job can be done in as little as one (1) week.

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