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  • Pendants

  • Pendants are the frame for a woman’s face and reflect her personality.  Worn near the heart, it will make her fell pretty and loved.

    Diamond Pendants

    We carry diamond pendants in many designs, from custom one-of-a-kind pieces to traditional solitaire diamonds.  Heart shaped, round, princess, radiant, oval, pear and emerald cut, any shape you desire.

    Color Gemstone Pendants

    Mother’s pendants are a wonderful gift to show her how much you care.  Whether a Mother & Child design with the birthstone of all her children or grandchildren or a simple waterfall pendant with birthstones.

    We have pendants in a rainbow of colors; sapphires, rubies, emeralds, aquamarine, spinel, amethyst, citrine, topaz, black diamonds and more.  You can wear the rainbow or your favorite color.


    With gold prices rising every day, a less expensive way to re-design your outdated jewelry is to put them in a pendant.  Less gold helps keep the cost down and putting your stones in a pendant is a good way to do that.  Also, when inheriting heirloom jewelry that is outdated for your taste, a good use is to reset them in a pendant to keep all those special keepsakes together.

    Many times a woman will up-grade her original engagement ring diamond but want to wear her old one too.  A beautiful pendant will hold it near her heart.

    Antique/vintage looking, modern or traditional, heart shaped or a cross, we have a design for you. We can even replicate your favorite costume piece into precious metal with genuine gems.


    Pick out a beautiful, strong chain of any length in 14k gold (white gold, yellow gold and even rose gold) to compliment your pendant or to wear alone