Diamond Rings

Whether wanting to design your own custom engagement ring or select from our unique designer diamond rings, we can work with you to get the perfect engagement ring. We work in all karat gold (white, yellow, & rose) and platinum.
No matter the size of the diamond or budget, we have the ring for you. We also work with those who already have a family diamond they want to use.We will help you understand the 5 C’s in diamond purchasing…. Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat Weight and Cost!

If you want a plain gold band or one with diamonds, a ring guard or a wrap, we can help. We carry a wide selection of choices of wedding bands.Some engagements rings are not made to fit next to a wedding band. If that is a problem we can custom make a ring that follows the outline of your engagement ring and fits snug against it.

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Gemstone Rings

With so many different colored stones to choose from, sapphire, ruby, emerald, tanzanite, tourmaline, pearl, …… it’s some times hard to choose. We carry a wide selection of colors and designs in 14k white and yellow gold. We also custom make in platinum.Multi-stone rings are very popular right now as well as mother, grandmother and family rings. Birthstone rings have always been a popular but favorite colors are important considerations too. Unlike many jewelry stores, we can design a one of a kind ring just for your special lady.

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Mens Rings

We custom make rings for men that are as different and unique as they are. Choose from diamonds to sapphires or exotic phenomenal stones that will have everyone talking. We have a wide selection of men’s wedding rings to choose from or special order in 14k gold and platinum

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Custom rings made to order.

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Looking To Consolidate Multiple Items Into A New Treasure Piece?

We specialize in making pieces that are remembered for a lifetime.